Posted by: Mile Zero Vintage | November 10, 2008

I’ve been inspired!

I can’t really place where this inspiration came from, but suddenly I have a huge urge to sew! It might have been our beautiful country drive through the Boyne Valley yesterday..
Sadly, it’s not that easy to ‘put pen to paper’ or ”scissors to fabric – fabric to machine’ in my case when there is a toddler at my feet 20 hours of the day!
I’ve been thinking, on the advice of a new friend of trying my hand at a ‘hip carrier’. It’s going to sort of look like the love-child of a ringsling and a Mei Tai. And we all know I have a soft spot for love-children, wink,wink!
I’ve also been considering re-vamping my current Mei Tai. Obviously it looks very similar to another popular brand, and I’d really like to individualise it. There isn’t much that I can structurally change, but I am going to try a new type of head support. I’m thinking of tossing the padded headrest idea. There will still be padding, but just a newer, less bulky version!
Can’t wait to get some of this done so I can post pics and get some feedback…
I’ve also re-discovered a ringsling I made in Canada. It was humbly tucked away in a big box of fabric that came in my shipment…it’s so pretty. I haven’t decided whether to put it up for auction or hang on to it for the next lil’ one. But then again, if I waited for that I could be hanging on to it for another 5 years! LOL
SOOOOOOOOOOO – if any of you have some great ideas that you would like to see in a baby carrier, let me know!
I just went and bought some really nice fabric. I think I’ll use it for the hip carrier, but I might just do a normal MT with it..I think it’s a nice femnine touch without being too girly.


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