Posted by: Mile Zero Vintage | November 14, 2008

International Babywearing Week!

In honour of International Babywearing week I am going to post links to sites I find really useful in babywearing!

Of course there’s The Babywearer – an absolute haven for anything babywearing related.

Brilliant info on every type of baby carrier, how-tos, DIYs, etc.

Then, the place where it all started for me; Canadian Parents Online. I first joined this site when I was pregnant and there wasnt a ‘Babywearing Forum’ in it. Thankfully there is now! Check it out! CPO Babywearing Forum also has a great babywearing forum here.

Locally, we have Babywearing Ireland. This is a great resource with a sling library and lots of local meet ups too!

Post your favourite babywearing links!



  1. Hi. I followed a link here from Pixie’s blog. I wanted to chime in with

    She’s got a ton of free videos on a bunch of different carriers. Also wanted to ask you if you’d tried making a podeagi? I just made one last month. It’s so fun and easy to make and I love that I’m using a comfy blanket to tie my baby on.

    • HI Leila, Welcome! Thanks for checking my blog out. I haven’t made a Podeagi but really want to! You ‘ve just persuaded me. I have seen some of the most lovely textiles used for them too!

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