Posted by: Mile Zero Vintage | February 13, 2009

Wrap Conversion

I have no excuse. If there does happen to be anyone out there watching this space, please accept my apology for being so lazy in the posting department!!! Lack of camera is my excuse!

Anyways, I’ll be updating alot over the next couple days, so first I’ll start with a wrap conversion made for my new friend from

She wanted to salvage the BWI logo and had the idea to try to plae it at the shoulder of the converted ring sling. Since it was embroidered I couldn’t change the orientation of it, but I still think it turned out well.

With the leftovers I made a ‘Baby’ Mei Tai for her daughter…I used some fabric I already had and used the wrap fabric on the reverse and for the straps. I loved it so much I immediatly made one for my gal using brown cord, and another with a monkey. : )



  1. this is ME and my daughter Elsa and we love the sling and New meitai

  2. Hi, I was wondering if you could possibly do a child-size wrap conversion mei tai? Something for my daughter to use for her dolls. I don’t need it to have a headrest, and a sleep-hood is okay but not necessary. If you could do this I was wondering how much fabric you would need and how much it would cost. I have a 5.4m Girasol Tulppaani wrap that I’m getting cut down to 3.2m for myself, and I need a 20″x22″ piece for another project, but everything that’s left would be available for the wrap tai…is that enough fabric? Please let me know if you could do this and if so give me some more information, thanks!

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