Posted by: Mile Zero Vintage | July 27, 2009

Another SSC!

I don’t know whats got into me as of late, but I whipped this puppy up last night.
It started innocently…I was looking for some fabric to finish a dress for my daughter and came across these straps that I had made with good intentions. An obessesion filled me…
“Must… finish…. carrier….NOW”
BuggySSCbuggysschooddownaction shot buggy ssc

It’s not as short and fat as the pics make it appear. I think I need a photography lesson or two!
It is more baby-sized though, but as you can see a nearly-three-year-old fits in it just fine.
It has 1/2″ foam padding at shoulders and 1/4″ thick at waist.



  1. Awwww.. that is so adorable, well made 🙂

  2. Can I have it?

  3. absolutly gorgeous i love it

  4. Thanks everyone!
    ajourneythrough – I emailed you! : )

  5. oh I love this one.

  6. I was wondeing how much you would charge for this???

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