Posted by: Mile Zero Vintage | September 27, 2009

The ‘Aoife’ Bag.

Introducing the Aoife Bag!!!!
(to all my non-Irish friends, it’s pronounced Ee-fah)
Concept designed by…you guessed it…Aoife (and realised by me!).

aoife front

This bag is extremely durable and water resistant! Accented with Kaffe Fasset fabric. I love, love, love it!
And the best part? It’s totally NOT restricted to use as a nappy bag. Sure, there’s a sippy holder on the exterior, but it can hold your water (or beer,hehe) bottle!
The ‘tail’ looks really cool sort of wrapped around the strap and knotted, like alot of people do with the tail of their ring slings.

Flap Open:




Hopefully I can get some action shots!



  1. I love Love LOVE your stuff Chick!!! this bag is Brilliant!!!

  2. fabulous, I neeeed one!!!!

  3. I saw this bag today IRL, it is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! so practical and functional and looks amazing!

  4. Brilliant work hon!! I love your stuff!

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