Posted by: Mile Zero Vintage | October 24, 2009

Adjustable Mei Tai

I’ve embarked on a new adventure…to make a mei tai that allows young babies to be worn in the ‘legs-out’ position*.
I had a few ideas…to use webbing and a buckle, webbing and a d-ring, a decorative belt contraption that could be worn around the body of the carrier and adjusted as needed. I ended up going with a very simple, common drawstring, like one you would fine on your comfiest pants!
This is a custom order, in which novelty fabric was provided. This particular mom had been advised by her daughter’s physiotherapist that babywearing is great, but for her, it should be done in legs out – thus, my cinched waist was born!

Hood Down
eimear hooddown

Hood Up


* of course a hair elastic or scrunchie worn around the body works great too!



  1. look fab

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