Posted by: Mile Zero Vintage | January 3, 2010

Xmas gifts, etc.

Just thought I’d share some creations of the non babywearing kind that I’ve made recently!

Also want to thank my friends Sheri and Summer. Summer kindly brought back the blue cord from a vintage shop in the States, and Sheri and I did a trade in which I received tonnes of beautiful fabric, some of which was used in the below projects – black mock velvet, sheer overlay & leather. Thanks ladies!

Dress for Barry’s god daughter from my own pattern:

Tiered skirts for my lovely Little Bibble from this tutorial:

Xmas dresses for Little Bibble and my neice from my own pattern:

Leather Slippers for Barry from my own pattern:

Overalls/Dungarees from my own pattern, made from my old Oasis jeans *note: these are unfinished! Have to topstitch and insert elastic waist, hence the gaping!*
Similar tutorial here

Princess dress from old jumpers, my own pattern:

You can add a good few pairs of beby legwarmers in there too!
Whew – I suppose I’ve been busy!



  1. Gosh, you’ve been very busy, they are all adorable, I love the princess dress idea, very clever!

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