Posted by: Mile Zero Vintage | February 5, 2010

Jungle Fever

I know I say this everytime, but making this carrier was sooooo enjoyable!
It helps that the reciever was also super enthusiatic! The exciting bit is that she will be able to use it with all 3 of her children…ages 3mos, 1 & 2 (right?).

It has extendable body length, that allows you to shortern/lengthen by 2.5″, golden silk lining (yum!), coordinating fabric accents, and an infant insert, which is also adjustable.

It was alot of work, but totally worth it!

I added a permenant infant insert into the carrier, and it’s also extendable in the length. The idea is that it closes the side and brings an infant up inside the carrier so they are at the correct level. You can see where ‘Mooey’s’ head is – that’s ideal positioning. It closes with snaps and adjusts with velcro for added height. If one wishes not to use the insert you can simply leave it flush against the back of the body.


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