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Prehistoric baby sling ‘made our brains bigger’

Prehistoric baby sling ‘made our brains bigger’

By David Keys, Archaeology Correspondent
Monday, 6 September 2010

The most important aspect of human evolution was facilitated not by Darwinian-style natural selection but by a crucial technological device invented by early Stone Age women, shows research by a leading British prehistorian.

Timothy Taylor of Bradford University claims that increased brain size was made possible by the invention of the baby sling, a development which enabled slower growing, physically and mentally immature offspring to survive and flourish.

“In effect, kangaroo-style, early female human ancestors became marsupial, carrying their immature youngsters outside their wombs,” said Dr Taylor, who has published his research in a book called The Artificial Ape. “The invention of the baby sling, which allowed more babies to successfully mature outside the female body, instantly removed the barrier to increased head and brain size.”

Before the invention of the baby sling, dated by Dr Taylor to at least 2.2 million years ago, when human ancestor head size suddenly began to increase, physically mature infants were more likely to survive, because caring for slower-developing immature ones was difficult, uneconomic and often dangerous. Mothers holding their infants were more vulnerable to attack from predators or other humans than those using baby slings. They were also less able to perform other more economically productive tasks.

Most importantly, the invention of the baby sling artificially lengthened human gestation, said Dr Taylor. Formerly, gestation ended at birth with the most physically mature babies surviving as they needed to be carried by their mothers for less time. But their head and brain size was strictly limited by the width of their mother’s pelvis.

“Courtesy of the baby sling, our ancestors got smarter,” he added.

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Rate me!

Well this is exciting! I am now the PROUD owner of a ‘RATE ME’ button courtesy of The Babywearer. Horray! So if you’re the owner of a Bibble Custom Carrier, please leave a review!

In other news, here’s some new carriers!
(an aside – I’m desperately missing my Judy. There’s just no ‘life’ to the photos when the carriers are slung across the back of a chair!)
The Blue Batik one has a toggle hoody hood…don’t ask me why I tucked the strap in for the photos!

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Alot of Catching Up To Do!

As I’ve been the the process of an international move and battling the woes of morning/afternoon/evening sickness, some things have been left to slide. This blog for one!
I’m still sewing away and moving hasn’t made me skip a beat, thankfully.
Here’s what I’ve been working on over the last couple of months;

Lots of SSCs!
A Hungry Caterpillar…

Ring Around The Rosies…with a proportionately small model – this is a big toddler/preschooler carrier.

Some Wise Ol’ Owls with a matching bag and pouch:

‘Bite Me’ Apple SSC

And some little pinafores for fun!

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Awesomest Nappy Bag Ever!

Dude? Duuuuuuuude…. DUDE! This is the coolest nappy bag ever!

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Couldn’t resist. That’s what my daughter used to call butterflies : )

My ‘judy’ is out on loan so we took some photos outside, in the gorgeous weather!

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Kaffe Fasset paperweight in Algae:

From what I understand littl J.J. and his mum are loving it! : )

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Jungle II

Another Jungle SSC!

Front and three-quarter view, zip closed.

Three-quarter view, zip open:

Thought the applique would be a nice touch:


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Can’t think of a crafty title right now, but here is the latest!

Matching ‘big sibling’ doll SSC.

And some more legwarmers!

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Go Forth and Multiply!

I love this Hoppedeiz wrap…
and I love the 2 ring slings made from it!

Take one wrap – this one is 4.6m…

Cut in half, work some magic, et voila!

Close up (you can see a teeny bit of chalk marking!):

Gathered Shoulder:

It’s a bit hard to display the gathered shoulder on a Judy with no arms!

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More applique

In the form of a mini giraffe on a mini pouch sling : )

I really like this one. I’m playing around a bit with some techniques (or lack thereof!) and am really enjoying this.

This particular one is for a 2.5year old, so I added a velcro closure for safety.

Off to start some wrap conversions!

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Do gorillas even make that sound? Regardless…

Here is (my version of) a gorilla appliqued doll pouch…I hope it makes a certain little girl happy!

Please excuse my horrendous photoshop job, and bad pictures. It’s late, I’m tired. Arbitrary rotation was easy, the end. : )

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Jungle Fever II

**ETA bandana bibs**

Ooooooh! I had the pleasure of making a matching bag for the lovely Jungle Fever carrier! I played around with embroidery and applique and am chuffed with myself, I really like it! I feel a whole whack of new tee-shirt for my Bibble coming on…

Also coming soon are the photos of the matching custom bandana bibs – YAY! I had so, so, so much fun making all these coordinating pieces. I feel so lucky!


Close up of tail:

I also did some matching banada bibs…they turned out nice! Want one? Take a square of fabric, fold into a triangle and serge the sides : ) Or sew, leaving a space to turn inside out : ) Embellish as you wish!

And to top it all off, I made something I haven’t made in ages, but used to do all the time…legwarmers! YAY, everyone loves an aul’ pair o’legwarmers!

So, just to recap, because I’d like to visually have them all side by side…

PS – If anyone can tell me how to get the bold purple outline of my pics, I’d love to know!

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Jungle Fever

I know I say this everytime, but making this carrier was sooooo enjoyable!
It helps that the reciever was also super enthusiatic! The exciting bit is that she will be able to use it with all 3 of her children…ages 3mos, 1 & 2 (right?).

It has extendable body length, that allows you to shortern/lengthen by 2.5″, golden silk lining (yum!), coordinating fabric accents, and an infant insert, which is also adjustable.

It was alot of work, but totally worth it!

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Las Senoritas!

Love this fabric. It was a very special order, for a very special friend, which included a very special custom bag.

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Xmas gifts, etc.

Just thought I’d share some creations of the non babywearing kind that I’ve made recently!

Also want to thank my friends Sheri and Summer. Summer kindly brought back the blue cord from a vintage shop in the States, and Sheri and I did a trade in which I received tonnes of beautiful fabric, some of which was used in the below projects – black mock velvet, sheer overlay & leather. Thanks ladies!

Dress for Barry’s god daughter from my own pattern:

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No Time For Chat!

I’ve been (very happily) busy lately, so just wanted to keep y’all posted (haha, get it?!) on the new additions to the Bibble family!

And more Jigsaw!

3pc. Hood:

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I’ve Fallen in Slub!

Oh how I love working with silk, it is soooo luxurious!
Here is my latest custom order for my friend, Tanou. She has been really great to me so I didn’t mind going the extra mile for her in making her the carrier of her dreams.

Some of the highlights are:
* extendable body length
* contoured hood
* infant insert with adjustable height
* silk lining

As per usual, I didn’t get great pictures (photography lessons, anyone?) so mine do not do it justice, but here goes!

Extendable Body:


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More New Stuff! Yippie!

I have been a very busy girl this week!

Kaffe Fassett Paperweight in Algae, reversing to Amy Butler Belle, AB07

Waist Cinch:

Buggy Mei Tai!

With matching nappy bag:

Posted by: Mile Zero Vintage | November 18, 2009

The Pixie Bag and Lil’ Pixie SSC

For my dear Pixie friend and her lovely little pixie!

And the Lil’ Pixie SSC:

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Adjustable Mei Tai

I’ve embarked on a new adventure…to make a mei tai that allows young babies to be worn in the ‘legs-out’ position*.
I had a few ideas…to use webbing and a buckle, webbing and a d-ring, a decorative belt contraption that could be worn around the body of the carrier and adjusted as needed. I ended up going with a very simple, common drawstring, like one you would fine on your comfiest pants!
This is a custom order, in which novelty fabric was provided. This particular mom had been advised by her daughter’s physiotherapist that babywearing is great, but for her, it should be done in legs out – thus, my cinched waist was born!

Hood Down
eimear hooddown

Hood Up


* of course a hair elastic or scrunchie worn around the body works great too!

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The ‘Aoife’ Bag.

Introducing the Aoife Bag!!!!
(to all my non-Irish friends, it’s pronounced Ee-fah)
Concept designed by…you guessed it…Aoife (and realised by me!).

aoife front

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Lil’ Monkey

I had the pleasure of making a Doll Carrier for a friend’s daughter, to help ease the transition of a new sibling this winter…

monkey doll sscmonkey ssc back

Sorry for the horrible quality of the photos!
I know little S. will make her mammy proud nuturing her dolls & teddys!

FYI – I am no longer making kids Mei Tai’s, they will be SSC’s. If you have a kid’s mei tai of mine, and would like to convert it to an SSC, just let me know…it’s free of charge (if it’s mine 😉 )

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Babywearing Ireland Conference – this weekend!

Anyone interested in babywearing, or even just in parenting needs to come to this conference!
There will be loads vendors and lectures and just a fun day out for all.

September 26 @ Bloomfield House Hotel, Mullingar
Tickets are only 12 Euros, so it’s really a great value.
You can get more information, and purchase tickets at

There will even be a lil’ kiddies workshop where they get to decorate their own mei tais and/or pouches (assisted by yours truely) and then they get to show them off in a fashion show – how cute is that?!

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BWI Raffle SSC! *Update!*

Updated 09/27/09:
* New hood with toggles
* Belt loops to hold webbing in place
* Chest strap & elastic loop for webbing
* Leg padding

As most of you know, the International Babywearing Conference is on, here in Ireland (Mullingar) this coming Saturday, Sept. 26.
I boldly asked if I could donate and SSC for raffle and they were delighted, so here we have it – complete with the Babywearing Ireland Logo on the hood. (I will publicly admit that I don’t love my embroidery, the green didn’t turn out how I had envisioned!)

*Updated photos, with new hood!
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The ‘Tania’ Bag!

For my dear friend, Tania!
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This is why I do it!

If this isn’t a comfortable baby, I don’t know what is! Read More…

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Nappy Bag

98% complete – but I’m too excited, I wanted to put up pics NOW.

I’m really happy with the way it turned out…really happy! I made the piping my OWN self and drafted the pattern, yay. It’s a custom order to match the previously posted SSC (Green!), so I had alot of input from the lovely ladies that ordered it for a lucky friend.

It has:
* inner zip closure
* outer flap closure which adjusts to 3 accomodate 3 different levels of capacity. Think kids jackets, baby carrier, etc.
* exterior back pocket with velcro closure
* exterior side sippy cup pocket and mobile phone pocket with flap
* interior features are a pocket large enough for wipes, 2 pockets large enough for a sippy or similar sized container, another mobile phone pocket.

Nevertheless, thar she be!


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Thought I’d post some pics of my latest SSC Custom order!
There is a matching nappy bag coming soon…

Doireann SSCdoireann ssc hooddoireann ssc fabric

Isn’t the fabric gorgeous?!

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Got some new fabric and thought I’d make a mini-mei tai since I already had the straps cut & sewed up…
puzzle mt

I also did a butterfly one too!
butterflymtfrontbutterfly mt backBUTTERFLYMTBACK

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Another SSC!

I don’t know whats got into me as of late, but I whipped this puppy up last night.
It started innocently…I was looking for some fabric to finish a dress for my daughter and came across these straps that I had made with good intentions. An obessesion filled me…
“Must… finish…. carrier….NOW”
BuggySSCbuggysschooddownaction shot buggy ssc

It’s not as short and fat as the pics make it appear. I think I need a photography lesson or two!
It is more baby-sized though, but as you can see a nearly-three-year-old fits in it just fine.
It has 1/2″ foam padding at shoulders and 1/4″ thick at waist.

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I finally have an Etsy account!

But will currently only be selling mini-mei tais and baby legwarmers.
Mei Tai’s and SSC’s coming soon!
My Etsy!


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In Honour of Summer…

(and of course in honour of the lucky baby who’s mom wants to carry her close in this mei tai!)
Butterfly applique:
Hood down:
siobhal hood up

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Sugar Skulls!

I had the absolute pleasure of surprising a mamma with this ring sling in a ‘Carrier Fairy gift exchange’
It’s the Calaveres Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls pattern. I LOOOOOVE IT.
The photo is no the best as I dont have a camera at the moment, so it’s a phone-to.
skull rs
It’s basically a black ringsling with a pleated shoulder, binding and a pocket with applique detail. I’m big on appliques lately!

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It’s been a while…

As my lovely Canadian holiday is coming to a close, I thought I’d update with a few pics of the last project I’ve worked on.
My friend in Ireland had come up with a plan to creat a ‘soft structured carrier’. She wanted to use some of her own beautiful irridescent silk dupioni and also incorporate a fairy patch. She went through the trouble of sending it to me, in Canada, so that I could make by a June 7th deadline.
I took some basic measurements from my standard MT and played around with strap shapes and sizes as well as padding thickness.
After doing much research I settled on going with a thick, wide, curved waistband and straight shoulder straps with a chest strap. My sample had curved straps with 1/4″ padding, but the end product is straight straps with 1/2″ padding.
Another big difference between the SSC and my MTs is that I used a ‘closed cell foam padding’ as opposed to ‘open-cell’. Basically, open cell is quite squishy, so when you apply pressure it reduces significantly in thickness. With closed cell, there isnt much give so it absorbs the pressure way better. Handy for older toddlers and pre-schoolers. I know I’m getting a bit technical here, but I’m excited!

Now for the pics:

The sample:

And the (almost) finished product:
I still have to add the chest straps, put on a bit of topstitching and trim the threads : )

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I can’t get enough!
Yes, of course I know that one mighten’t have a need for padded shoulder straps when carrying a dolly, but it looks so freakin’ cute!


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To my fellow Canucks…

we’re heading across the pond in May – so if you’d like a carrier without the international shipping/customs charge – let me know!

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Wrap Conversion

I have no excuse. If there does happen to be anyone out there watching this space, please accept my apology for being so lazy in the posting department!!! Lack of camera is my excuse!

Anyways, I’ll be updating alot over the next couple days, so first I’ll start with a wrap conversion made for my new friend from
Read More…

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Hi Everyone!
Just wanted to give you an update to say that I’m changing things around.
Firstly, I finally have a domain for my blog, YAY.
I’m also playing around with the theme of my blog and trying to make it look a bit more clean. Since I know next to nothing about blogging and web design, it might take me a while, so please, bear with me. Read More…

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What I’ve Been Up To (Part 3 – The Onbuhimo!)

dscf0601THE ONBUHIMO!!!!!!!! more_pics

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What I’ve Been Up To (Part 1 – ringsling!)

Here is what I worked on this weekend.

A Ringsling! Behold…

It’s a sturdy cotton poplin with 2% spandex for a bit of give without compromising stability. There’s nothing I personally hate more than a carrier that doesn’t keep it’s shape.


I had to take a pic of my pretty pleating! I think my former instructors in school would be pleased! (I’m allowed to say that without being cocky due to the exhorbrant amount of tuition I paid, hehe).


I’m thinking of putting this one up on Ebay…

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International Babywearing Week!

In honour of International Babywearing week I am going to post links to sites I find really useful in babywearing!

Of course there’s The Babywearer – an absolute haven for anything babywearing related.

Brilliant info on every type of baby carrier, how-tos, DIYs, etc.

Then, the place where it all started for me; Canadian Parents Online. I first joined this site when I was pregnant and there wasnt a ‘Babywearing Forum’ in it. Thankfully there is now! Check it out! CPO Babywearing Forum also has a great babywearing forum here.

Locally, we have Babywearing Ireland. This is a great resource with a sling library and lots of local meet ups too!

Post your favourite babywearing links!

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I’ve been inspired!

I can’t really place where this inspiration came from, but suddenly I have a huge urge to sew! It might have been our beautiful country drive through the Boyne Valley yesterday..
Sadly, it’s not that easy to ‘put pen to paper’ or ”scissors to fabric – fabric to machine’ in my case when there is a toddler at my feet 20 hours of the day!
I’ve been thinking, on the advice of a new friend of trying my hand at a ‘hip carrier’. It’s going to sort of look like the love-child of a ringsling and a Mei Tai. And we all know I have a soft spot for love-children, wink,wink!
I’ve also been considering re-vamping my current Mei Tai. Obviously it looks very similar to another popular brand, and I’d really like to individualise it. There isn’t much that I can structurally change, but I am going to try a new type of head support. I’m thinking of tossing the padded headrest idea. There will still be padding, but just a newer, less bulky version!
Can’t wait to get some of this done so I can post pics and get some feedback…
I’ve also re-discovered a ringsling I made in Canada. It was humbly tucked away in a big box of fabric that came in my shipment…it’s so pretty. I haven’t decided whether to put it up for auction or hang on to it for the next lil’ one. But then again, if I waited for that I could be hanging on to it for another 5 years! LOL
SOOOOOOOOOOO – if any of you have some great ideas that you would like to see in a baby carrier, let me know!
I just went and bought some really nice fabric. I think I’ll use it for the hip carrier, but I might just do a normal MT with it..I think it’s a nice femnine touch without being too girly.

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the latest!

Here’s the latest! I made most of this when I was still living in Canada.  I just perfected it last week and it’s ready to be sent to a loving home!

– padded shoulder straps and headrest

– reverses to solid chocolate cord

– toy loop

chocolate cord

chocolate cord

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I just wanted to let everyone know that as I am about to pop a baby out, I’m taking some time off from sling-making for the forseeable future. I can only hope that this new bundle of joy will be as chilled as my daughter was/is and that I get some time for sewing…but we all know you can’t have expectations from a babe : )
So thank you everyone for making my last couple years so rewarding and I hope that my carriers were able to give caregivers and babies alike tonnes more cuddle time!

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