Instructions & Tips

*Instructions coming soon, please contact me if you need some*

In the meantime, I’m adding the bits I can do without an actual baby!

I think it’s very important to outline the guidelines for carrying infants. Here is my schpeel!

Let me state right now that because I am a HUGE skin to skin advocate (see here and here), I recommend babies be skin to skin with mom as much as possible for the first 6 weeks. Mums with older children that need to be up and at ’em would find that a mei tai), or stretchy/woven wrap can facilitate this best in those early weeks, without the barrier of an infant insert and that is what *I* recommend.

I do realise that there are alot of mums who like the ease of buckle carriers and want to use them with their infants. For this reason I am including infant inserts in my SSCs unless otherwise stated. It is for safety and security. The insert lifts a new baby up to the level that it can safely be worn in the carrier. Known as ‘kissing distance’ – when the top of the carrier is level with baby’s ears. This way babe doesn’t sink into carrier creating a potential hazard, and making it uncomfortable for both carrier and babe!

See below:


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